frequently asked questions


1.  What is and why that name?

2.  What are Job Reviews?

3.  Will My Identity be Known if I Make a Review?


5.  How does Job Review Work at

6.  Now, what about Job Postings?

7.  Does it cost to post a job opening at

8.  Since posting job openings is free to employers, do you charge candidates to apply for jobs?

9.  I am a placement consultant and I have many jobs to post. Do I have to post jobs one-by-one?

10.  I may have many jobs to post and I may receive many applications. How do I manage all that?

11.  I am looking for a job and I have applied for a job. Now what?

12.  Are my postings, reviews, applications etc are under scrutiny?

13.  Why do you do all this free? Are you running a charity?